“Chris does a great job at breaking down some essential biblical truths so that children are engaged instead of intimidated. Little Lambs for Christ is an easy to read, conversational style book that is certain to spur interaction between parents and their children. Chris has done a masterful job at explaining some essential biblical truths while wetting the appetite for further study.”

K. Gordon
Church Pastor 

“I am so grateful for this wonderful tool.”
T. Hughes
Financial Planner

“Chris Christensen writes from the heart as well as from a lifetime of experience. What you read here is not only what Chris believes but also what he practices. The evidence rests in his gifted, beautiful and multi-talented children.”
H. Patterson
Broadcast TV Sales Manager

“Little Lambs for Christ is a well written book that I would recommend for all ages. Chris Christensen’s appeal to listen to our parents, place our faith in God, read His word, and be obedient to His commands should be answered by all. Chris’ logic in approaching difficult issues offers the reader a simplified means of discovering the truth.”

S. Corter
Manager, Commercial Construction Company

“A great educational tool for learning the basics of the Christian faith. The author is very concerned about spreading the Gospel word to the young people, and this book is a wonderful starting point. The book will serve as a valuable aid to the parents who are faced with raising their children in today’s social and religious environment.”

J. Whitten
Owner, Insurance Company

“Little Lambs for Christ is a book full of truths spoken from the word of God, which is written for children but speaks to adults as well. As parents we want to raise our children in the ways of the Lord, and this book gives us one more tool that we can use to do just that. Chris has poured out his love for his children in writing this book, but more importantly has shown the reader how God’s love is poured out on us.”

J. Blevins
Teacher, Junior High

“With easy to understand language, Chris Christensen has written a truthful, helpful book for children and their parents. Biblical truths are explained as well as ways to put those truths into action. Thanks, Chris, for a great resource!”

A. Kelley
Marketing Consultant  

“I love it. What a great and effective way to reach our youth in brevity, but at the same time with so much information and clarity and confidence. What a great tool and road map for Sunday Schools across the world and for all parents and children.”

E. Stanton

“This book is not only for children, but should be shared with everyone.”

D. Morley