Christensen_Chris_Website_3X5“This book was written to and for my own children, as a personal guide for their Christian faith. I am now honored to share it with other families. As parents read the book with their children they will feel the love written in the words because they are the words of a loving daddy, and they will relate to this. When I became a daddy, I learned about a love that only a daddy could know. It’s the same love that the Father has for His Son, Jesus. It’s the same love that Jesus has for all of us. Before I was a daddy, I could only imagine this level of love. When I became a daddy, I could experience this love. It is because of this love that I have written this book. My love for my children is so abundant that I am able to share it with other parents to share with their children.”

The end result remained a private, loving conversation between a father and his children until Christensen, and adult Sunday School Teacher and Radio Bible Study Host learned that many parents across the nation admitted to having no idea how to use the Gospel as a resource to share their Christian beliefs with their children.